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Tentatively re-opening May 2024 -  We have partnered with the BC Amateur Sport fund to give tax receipts for Donations.  

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Meet Kimberley Gymnastics

Unlock Your Potential

Since 1986, we’ve made it our mission to teach gymnastics in a fun and safe environment that allows people of all ages and levels to build confidence while mastering technique. Browse our site to learn more about us.

At the core of our success is…OUR HEART.  We love gymnastics, we love people, and we love helping people explore the joy of gymnastics at every level.
From pre-school (Gyminy Cricket morning daycare)  to our recreational and competitive programs, including dryland training and birthday parties, all of our classes are designed to safely teach each participant at their own age, skill level and ability.
Each class is planned to be FUN yet CHALLENGING, fully ENGAGING for both coach and participant.

Kimberley Gymnastics has been serving the community with incredible staff that takes pride in keeping it organized, clean, and safe so we can provide the best experience to all our participants.

We are a non-profit society, and are grateful for the support of our families, our parents, our Board Members, and our sponsors


Kimberley Gymnastics & Gyminy Cricket Daycare

The Kimberley Gymnastic Society Mission: 

" To provide toddlers, pre-school aged, and school aged children,  youths and adults, in our community and the region with affordable opportunities to participate in gymnastics and related physical activities in an environment that is fun-filled, safe, and encourages fitness, health and progress of individuals.”



The Kimberley Gymnastics Club came into being in the late 1970s due to a demand from youth and families for the provision of gymnastics. It was incorporated as a Society on December 9, 1986. The Kimberley Gymnastics Society is a non-profit club with a volunteer board. Over the years, it was located in various places including McKim and Selkirk Schools, but the continual set up and take down of equipment made that arrangement difficult. The club is now located at 2015 Warren Avenue, in Kimberley, B.C. The building was originally purchased, renovated and transformed into a gymnasium by Mr. Tony Lazzaro so that gymnastics programs could become a reality for youth and families in the community. We did lose the building in Dec 2021 due to a arson fire but the insurance on the city building it has been rebuilt as the building is owned by the City of Kimberley. And a generous donation from Columbia basin and RDEK to rebuild having a extra 500 sq ft so the gym can have a proper competitive floor and vault run. The Society leases the building from the city for 1.00/year but is responsible for everything in the building and is under a 5 year lease at renewal time.

The club building is self contained, and is (size 49 feet x 95 feet). It has a carpeted foam block spring floor 42 x 42, one foam filled 8x18 safety pit, a vault run, a 10x17 inground trampoline, 3 beams , a single bar and  and a uneven bar, various sizes of activity and trapezoid blocks, as well as a number of large and small skill pads, wedge shaped mats, crash mats and smaller equipment including balls, hoops, and bean bags. The club also has a upstairs staff meeting area, washrooms, an office, and a small entryway.

The club currently offers programming for children of 5 years onwards to early adulthood, and it also allows for building rentals by other community groups and by individuals. And our popular Gyminy Cricket Morning Daycare Monday to Fridays 9am - 12 noon for 3 - 5yr olds.

Our News - Re-open Spring 2024 

Welcome to Kimberley Gymnastics and Gyminy Crickets! We hope you are well and thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding.  We look forward to getting to know each family personally and renewing connections with those of you that were with us prior.
Our gym is most successful when both family and coaches work together to ensure success for the children. We look forward to your continued support and involvement in gym fundraisers, meets and gym activities. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s coach directly or the administrator if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s gymnastics experience throughout the year.

It is a shared responsibility between members, staff and parents to follow all the procedures and protocols outlined  by our club. We take responsibility of the health and safety of our staff and participants seriously and we plan to work together with you to create the best possible environment for our members at this time.

Please feel free to reach out anytime should you have questions or need clarification.

Regardless of if you’re new to the world of gymnastics or a seasoned professional, there’s always something interesting to learn. Stay up to date with our latest gymnastics news, tips and trends.

Gymnastic Rehearsal
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It's Time to Begin - Join Anytime!

"We believe that nurturing from a young age is key for future gymnasts to become true professionals. This is why our youth classes are designed specifically to enhance your child’s agility, strength, balance, and flexibility."

Fun with a Purpose! Kimberley Gymnastics offers a variety of recreational programs designed to promote self-confidence, friendship and social skills. In these classes we focus on the fun, fitness and fundamentals of gymnastics. We offer classes for children age 5 and up. Come and join one of our classes and have fun learning and exploring gymnastics in a safe environment with a NCCP Certified Coach.

Gymnastics helps to build physical literacy through skill development, coordination, stability, power and core conditioning. Gymnasts benefit from the challenges fostered by the sport, enhancing their confidence, sense of commitment and attentiveness. All our classes are open to all levels - experience or no experience!

Happy Foam Pit

                      Tuesday 1 Hour Junior Gym Boys & Girls                                     3:30pm - 4:30pm

"Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars"

A Beginner’s introduction to fundamental of gymnastics; including important shapes and movements, safe landings, and beginner progressions to basic skills such as handstands, cartwheels and pullovers. This class aims to teach proper landings and takeoffs, build strength,, flexibility, balance and coordination that is useful, not only to further gymnastics, but in everyday movement. Open to anyone with or without experience, recommended for ages 5-7.

Boys During a Gymnastics Practice

Tuesday 2 hour Combo  Parkour/Freestyle Boys & Girls        4:45pm - 6:45pm

"The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you. And you don’t have to listen"

In the Parkour part in this class, gymnasts learn a style of movement and a collection of skills that emphasize efficiency, creativity, and fluidity. This class teaches proper fall techniques, fosters balance, coordination and strength; teaches proper take off and landing techniques, and  teaches gymnasts how to use obstacles as tools of movement; teaching a variety of vaults, creative wall movements and bar movements. In the freestyle part in class, gymnasts learn proper fall techniques, in air awareness, spins, important progressions towards flips, and basic ski grabs. More intermediate and advanced members learn advanced fall technique, flips, off axis spins and combined spins with grabs. There will be some open times to work on what the kids want to work on, what they want to learn and progress too with the coaches guiding. 

Recommended for children ages 6+. Open to anyone with or without experience

Happy Jumps

“To reach your goals, you must grab on with both hands.”

Girls Doing Push-Ups

Thursday Skills & Drills Boys & Girls                                    3:30pm - 4:45pm

“Everything is about your movements and precision and timing, which is what gymnastics is about.”

This class provides a solid foundation of skills that can be built upon in future classes both recreational and competitive. In this class the focus is on building core gymnastics skills such as cartwheels, roundoffs, rolls, handstands, pullovers, backhip circles as well as jumps, leaps and turns on beam. This class is geared towards children ages 6+.  Open to anyone with or without experience.

Young Gymnast

Thursday Girls 2 hour                                                                                    5 pm - 7 pm

"Go into the sport because you have fun doing it, not because of ‘what ifs’ and dreams of gold medals. That way, no matter what happens, you win."

In this class, children are grouped according to their skill level determined by the coach, which will be helpful in progressing through the levels of this program. Gymnasts learn skills to the beam and high bars, and work towards more skills such as handsprings, walkovers, handstand rolls. Open to anyone with or without experience. Age 7+



"SEE. BELIEVE. ACHIEVE."                       

Do you find yourself referring to your daughter or son as a little monkey? Is upside down their favourite way to be? Competitive Gymnastics may be the place for them!

The ideal time to start Interclub pre-competitive gymnastics is age 6-7. We have an incredibly fun and exciting developmental program. Certified coaches use games and fun activities to teach basic skills, increase strength and flexibility, and encourage a love for gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a year-round sport. The competitive season lasts from September to June (with fun summer training camps offered sometimes throughout July & August).

Competitive athletes do attend meets and it is mandatory to atleast attend our own Coconut cup meet in June and volunteer in person at it and participate in Fundraisers.  

They train anywhere from 3.5 - 13.5 Hours per week on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. 

We offer several levels of competitive training, all designed to promote progressive, structured learning in a safe and healthy environment.

Competitive artistic gymnastics is a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor which requires hard work, dedication and commitment. The benefits of such efforts are many and are highly valued by all members.

Our Competitive Programs are athlete-centered and coach directed to enhance the pursuit of personal achievement and the search for excellence. From our young pre-competitive and developmental athletes to our provincial team members, we develop strong minds in strong bodies able to with the challenges of being a competitive athlete

Tryouts are required to become an athlete in our Competitive Program.

Children who show the qualities, skills, commitment and interest in competitive gymnastics are invited to set up an evaluation with the competitive head coach who will assess the gymnast and give further recommendation based on assessment. All Competitive classes require more planning, preparation, choreography, more coaches and coach training.    

Competitive Athletes are expected to achieve a certain level of skills in their category prior to competition.  Should an athlete not acquire that skill level, coaches will make the decision on what category athletes will register in for that meet.  This is the expected protocol of athletes going to meets.  The main goal for any athlete going to competition is to experience success and have fun!  It is mandatory to attend all 10 months and volunteering in person at our Coconut Cup Meet at the beginning of June weekend. Non-Refundable Fees are calculated on 37 -38 weeks of training & choreography, music, supplies, Insurance , Gymnastics BC memberships , cleaning and divided into 10 months from Sept to June. ** Extra Training Hours not prepaid with monthly fee will be charges at $20/hour**  **Extras: Team suits, Track suits, Out of town meets , working coconut cup in person , participate in Fundraisers 

Gyminy Cricket Logo.jpg

Gyminy Cricket Morning Daycare

See Cricket Page Below

The Gyminy Crickets participants take part in organized, developmentally appropriate, physically active games that incorporate songs, music, and early literacy and numeracy skills. They develop gymnastics skills, physical and spatial awareness, as well as self-confidence. They learn the importance of sharing, taking turns and socializing with friends. Halfway through the morning, participants have a snack, calendar time, a story, and make a craft to take home, before heading out onto the floor for more games and gymnastics activities!

Have a question about our classes? Feel free to contact us today.

Team work

Our Team Family

Committed to Excellence

At Kimberley Gymnastics & Gyminy Crickets Daycare , you’ll meet an amazing team, composed of dedicated and qualified professionals who live and breath gymnastics. Scroll down to meet our team members.

Donna Andrews

Administrator & Club Manager

The club wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for this lady. "Office lady" as the crickets like to call her and they think she lives there....Donna has been with the club for over 15+ years. Her dedication and hard work of running all aspects of the club, from registrations for gymnastics and daycare, staffing, payroll, accounting, oversees all staff and operations, scheduling, grants, day to day operations, behind the scenes for meets...the list goes on and on - pretty much the only thing she doesn't do is coaching but she has subbed from time to time when needed. Originally from Saskatchewan but has lived in Kimberley for over 25years, has a husband and 3 kids, a dog and 2 cats and loves spending time outdoors. She keeps on working for you and the club even when they are closed!

Kat Wilkinson

Head Recreational & Competitive Coach & Music Director & Cricket assistant & Coach Evaluator & Facilitator & Choreography 

It’s clear that Kat or "Coach Kitty" loves what she does. The Club is lucky to have such a dedicated and hard working coach. Kat goes above and beyond and helps out everywhere and anyhow she can. She has been employed at the club for 6 years as a coach and works in the Gyminy Crickets Daycare when needed, she was excited and felt very fortunate to be working with such dedicated and warm-hearted people at Gyminy Crickets; the staff at the whole club is a great bunch to work with. She discovered very early on that she wanted to work with children. Bouncing between age groups can be very busy, but it has been a great opportunity to experience how children’s learning develops as they grow! She looks forward to helping each child have a safe, loved, know their boundaries and succeed in their experience at the club and develop resiliency skills and their own, unique sense of self! She is a level 2 Coach for Gymnastics and Trampoline. She is also a NCCP and Active start Facilitator and a coach evaluator. She has also taken the responsible adult course along with an extensive criminal record check. She is originally from Edmonton and has lived in Kimberley for over 20 years. She graduated from College of the Rockies in Kinesiology. No children but has cats. She enjoys camping, outdoor activities, and family time. Volunteers at the food bank and relay for life.  She strives to give children a variety of enriching learning experiences based on their interests. She sees enjoyment in their play and is able to learn from them through their individual personalities and uniqueness.  She finds it very interesting to teach young children based on their emerging interests. She does so much!

Anna Kennedy

Gyminy Cricket Supervisor & Gymnastic Coach

Anna: Taller Brown hair one, wears glasses.


Anna joined Gyminy Crickets Daycare in Feb 2021 and have been fortunate and blessed to be working in an amazing program that has a nurturing, safe, loving environment where children can learn, know boundaries and experience new challenges that will help build their confidences while they play.

She looks forward to continuing to have a positive impact on the children’s growth and to new discoveries with an amazing team here.

She has taken the responsible adult thru the EKCCR online which is required along with an extensive criminal record check. She is also taking training to become a certified  level 1 Coach and prior has taken some courses in teaching. She is originally from Cranbrook and has lived in Kimberley for many years when she got married.

As a mother of 2, this love and enjoyment guided her into working with various age groups. When she is not at Gyminy Crickets, you can find her spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, sewing, gardening or reading. She also volunteers at her church and is on the PAC for Marysville School.

She enjoys coming to work every day and creating a warm and caring place for the children to grow in all aspects of their development. She loves working with children and find so much joy in watching and aiding in their learning as well as creating a unique bond with each child. It is a very fulfilling career. The club is lucky to have such a kind and caring person part of the family! 

Junior Coach in training

Junior Coach in Training

 Board of Directors

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

President: Heidi Grainger
Secretary:  Marie Radke
Treasurer: Joleen Steel
Director: Brett Lucas



Fall Session - Sept - Dec 
Winter session - Jan - Mar
Spring session - April - June

Closed for July, August, Christmas Break, March Break and all holidays.

CLOSED thanks TO A FIRE but rebuilding and hopefully back open for May  2024.

Gyminy Crickets rates (included all fees)  Monday to Friday 9am - 12 noon
1 day a week  - $151/month 
2 days a week - $265/month
3 days a week - $367/month
we would run May and June and then close for summer and run again Sept 2024 - June 2025



Gyminy Crickets Daycare / Early Learning

For ages 3 - 5 years old

The Gyminy Crickets Play Club participants take part in organized, developmentally appropriate, physically active games that incorporate songs, music, and early literacy and numeracy skills. They develop gymnastics skills, physical and spatial awareness, as well as self-confidence. They learn the importance of sharing, taking turns and socializing with friends. Halfway through the morning, participants have a snack, calendar time, a story, and make a craft to take home, before heading out onto the floor for more games and gymnastics activities!

"Silence is Golden unless you have kids, then silence is just Suspicious"

Where the Fun Begins

Have a question about our Daycare/Early Learning? Contact us today.

Kids Playing with Lego

Other Services

Colorful Balloons

Birthday Parties - SORRY NOT AT THIS TIME

What could be more FUN than jumping on our trampoline, walking on our beams, swinging from our bars or just jumping into our foam-filled pit?  Nothing!  Why not make this birthday party memorable.  Let our professional and courteous coaches provide excellent supervision and expert direction in the sport gymnastics while providing a safe and controlled environment. 

Give them a Birthday to Remember!
No Stress, No Mess!

Where the kids and the fun come first!

*Book early to avoid disappointment!

*We provide the table and chairs and the clean up*

We provide Gymnastics activities and time in party area for gifts etc


Up to 12 friends!
Paper plates, napkins, utensils
Refreshments (Cake, Ice cream, & anything else)*ONLY applies to 2 hour and 1.5 Hour parties. No food at 1 hour parties
Children 3 and under must have a parent ratio of 1:3

If more than 12 kids:
13-18 kids - $25.00 extra

Saturdays only 

2 hour party - $150

1.5 hour party - $125

1 hour ( no food) $100

Sorry no Birthday Parties in July or August or when closed for Holidays

A completed birthday contract and $50 non-refundable deposit must be received by our office to reserve a party time. Please call for availability. Payment accepted by cash, e-transfers, MC or Visa or cheque made out to Kimberley Gymnastics. 

Child Practicing Gymnastics_edited.jpg

Schools, Clubs, Private Lessons

Bring Your Class or Group to Kimberley Gymnastics! Schools, pre-schools, daycares and groups or clubs can visit Kimberley Gymnastics for an energizing field trip or for a series of fun filled classes, specialized to suit your group’s needs. We regularly have schools and clubs book 1-10 week programs to experience the challenge and thrill of Gymnastics.

**Mandatory to have the groups supervisor/assistant on the floor**

The benefits of gymnastics are proven over and over and include:

Enhancing the ability to focus, Development if gross and fine motor skills, Improving self-confidence and self-displine, Improving attention spans and just plain fun

All clubs and schools must fill out an associate membership form, fax it to Gym BC and give us a copy along with all participates full names and emergency numbers and any waivers signed and a copy of insurance if necessary) 

Rates: $70.00/hr

Private Lessons are a great opportunity for extra practice on specific events and skills. You receive great one on one attention from a qualified coach. If there is a particular coach you would like to work with, you may schedule a time directly with them by talking to them after class, e-mailing the the club or leave a message with our office . 

Rates: $50.00/hr

Balancing Beam

Special Needs

Special Needs Gymnastics is for persons of any age that require special attention. Private and semi-private classes are offered. The basic gymnastics equipment and other fun activities are used to teach the students their skills.

Children are welcome to join any of our other programs  *Mandatory to be accompanied by a parent or aid.*Information on these opportunities, please give us call!


Sports, especially fundamental and movement education based sports like gymnastics, provide tremendous benefits for children with special needs. Physical education programs can considerably improve the lifestyle of a disabled child and are highly recommended. These programs may help control obesity, promote activeness, increase a child's self-image and social skills, and increase motivation. The physical activity along with support, rewards, and interaction can, among other benefits, be very helpful to these children and their families.

Physical Improvements

Children suffering from cognitive disabilities are most likely going to suffer from physical impairments as well. These children have substantial problems with motor skills in areas such as hopping, skipping, and jumping. Involvement in gymnastics can help these individuals develop fundamental motor and physical fitness skills.

Self esteem

 Developing a sense of self-esteem and confidence is an extremely important part of special education. These children need to be involved in environments where they feel that they are contributing successfully to a group. Their abilities in all other skill areas will improve as a result of a positive self-image and confidence.

Cognitive Benefits

The hands-on aspect of sports leads to cognitive skill improvement in children with disabilities and allows them to discover and access strengths that cannot be challenged in the traditional classroom setting. The inherent structure of sport, with its organization and rules, can be used as a learning tool for introducing and practicing self regulation and decision making skills. Additionally, children can learn verbal communication and interaction with peers through involvement in sport.

Gymnastic Rings


Although we endeavour to create a budget that relies upon fee-based revenue, operations and equipment must sometimes be supplemented with fundraising activities.

Volunteers are integral to the running of the Club – our Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers, and every event requires volunteer participation to be successful. In addition, there are several ongoing projects throughout the year, such as cricket and gym maintenance and janitorial, lost and found, recycle, etc.

We are aware of the demand on your time as a busy family and as such, we want to make the best use of the time given to us that will be of the most benefit to the club.

We want to thank everyone for all the help anyone is able to provide to us no matter how little or big it is - What matters is that you are able to help us out anyway you can and we truly appreciate it!

Volunteer opportunities

Cleaning: The Gym is cleaned daily. However, every Saturday, staff does a more thorough cleaning. This involves clearing the floor, vacuuming the carpet and entryway, mopping the mats to clear away chalk (better for our airways), and cleaning the mirrors. In addition, the Crickets castle and toys should be sprayed with a light bleach solution and wiped down. By keeping the gym clean, we reduce the spread of cold and flu germs. Give us a call, or send an email if you would like to help us out! We need you!
Gyminy Crickets Crafts and toy cleaning support: Please speak to Staff if you would like to help out by cutting out crafts, park days, making play-do, organizing craft cupboard or running errands to look for special items for upcoming Crickets activities. Take home a tote and clean the toys.

Music for Athletes: Are you a music buff? Do you like to burn CDs? We are looking for fun, zippy, energizing music for our athletes classes that will inspire them. Some of the techno music as well as remix of oldies is great for the kids. The music does not have to have words. Staff is quite busy, and finds it difficult to find the time to look for appropriate music for kids. Bring us a CD with zippy music, and this will be counted toward your volunteer time! Your kids probably know just what to choose.


Other: Baking - when needed for certain events, posting signs around town, table setup for a event, helping with recreational/competitive meets events.


Coconut Cup Meet - various roles  

We are a not-for-profit society.

 “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”


Successful Collaborations

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

A Huge thank you to our sponsors, who throughout the years has generously helped and made our club a possibility

Kimberley Gymnastics has a huge financial burden paying a professional coaching staff and support staff to help with the everyday duties. The support you give will help us to maintain our equipment, our facility and help with staffing costs. There are also many other sponsorship opportunities available, including gift in kind donations, funding new equipment to sponsoring an entire competition and training. In return for your generous donation we make every effort to recognize your community support with recognition on our website, in our newsletters, emails and on our gym walls. And if you are thinking of sponsoring equipment we will put your company name on it.

With your support we can afford to provide top level coaches to our most valuable assets – OUR ATHLETES!.

The athletes in our competitive, recreational, playschool, trampoline and special needs programs and their families will be the beneficiaries of your generous sponsorship. Your support will be added to our operational funds (unless specifically designated). This revenue source allows us to host competitions, maintain and purchase new equipment to help our athletes stay at the top and train in a safe environment.

With over 100 athletes (not including parents) entering our facility weekly, your business will be well exposed, not just to our gym but to the Kimberley Gymnastics visitors as well. Gymnastics is no longer viewed as a sport only for those who like to flip or who are extremely flexible.

Studies have shown that the benefits of any form of gymnastics training can be carried over into any other sport and enhance the athletes performance. Over the past few years, Kimberley Gymnastics Club has seen an increase in facility rentals from clubs and athletes in different sports looking to maximize the benefits of gymnastics and improve in their own sport. Freestyle skiers and snowboarders have all trained at Kimberley Gymnastics Cub in an effort to better themselves for their respected sports.

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Contact Us

Want to connect with us? Feel free to reach out with any questions.

2015 Warren Avenue, Kimberley BC V1A 1S5


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